IRONMAN Austria – bike course

IRONMAN Austria is one of the fastest ironman courses on the ironman circuit. Bike route is also extremly fast due to two factors. It is undulating and relatively straight – only two or three sharper corners where one needs to brake hard. Bike course is perfectly marked (congratulations to austrians to keep these markings on the road) and it isn’t difficult to follow also in off time. In 2014 there was only one corner, where I had problems and made a wrong turn (you will not have that problem during the race) – Schieffling am See. Beware, that you have to turn right before Billa store.

Despite its popularity and speed, bike course is not the easiest. At least the profile is quite hilly, though at the same time, there are no extremly difficult uphills. The lowest point is at the Worthersee (450m above sea level), the highest is at around 700m above sea level at the top of Rupertiberg. There are two major climbs. First towards Faaker See, at around km 32 (km 122 in the second lap), which is not particularly long, but can get steep (only around 1.5km long). The second is Rupertiberg on km 66 (km 156 in the second lap). This one is longer and also partly quite steep. However, if you are accustomed to difficult alpine climbs both climbs will seem easy. There are also some minor climbs on the route, but are not so difficult, however they do slow you down (unless you are a pro).

Bike Course is in my opinion (and also according to my garmin) slightly shorter of 90km, but it climbs in total around 1700m of altitude (850m per lap). The descent are relatively fast and easy and mostly doable on aerobars. There are though a few corners where one needs to be careful. The road has mostly good surface, the worst in the Klagenfurt, where road along the stadium is realy bad.