Dovska baba – winter ascent

Dovska baba (1890m above sea level) – well, difficult to translate, old ugly lady from Dovje. Anyway, i’m not sure about the name, but its a great hill to ascent, no matter the season. I went up there twice in the past two months. The photos are from the first ascent, in february, when the snow level was really bad – actually, only on the top – i enjoyed snowboarding down to about 1100m above sea level. Its one of those technically not difficult ascents (and almost no danger of avalanches) with nice and long downhill.

A few weeks later and after a hefty to the hill, and the conditions were just perfect – lots of snow, and i was able to snowboard down to the valley, to my house at 700m above sea level. As my start and finish points were at my house, it took me 4 hours 45 minutes to walk up and snowboard down… Oh yes, did i mention that there was fresh snowfall?

More photos…