First contact with snow this winter

Rado called me on friday evening. How about Vrsic, climbing and skiing – tommorow, around 7:30? And i said yes. After long summer i had a real difficulty finding all the equipment, especially crampons. But soon (well, we were 30 minutes late) we managed to get going. The road to the highest slovenian road pass (some 1600m above sea level) was passable, and there was hardly any snow on the road. And a lot of snow beside the road. Unfortunately, there wasn’t enough of snow (well, it could be still done),, so we decided to leave our skis and snowboard in the car and not to go on the climbing route. As expected, there was snow, just not on the right places (except in the last straight), but still it was a nice walk on a beautiful november day.

Vrsic pass

Nice view – Mala mojstrovka

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