Jalovcev ozebnik couloar – winter

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When you arrive to Tamar valley, at the end Jalovec is boasting, and almost resembles to famous Matterhorn. http://www.summitpost.org/show/mountain_link.pl/mountain_id/1285 At the first April saturday, on a beautful day, i decided to go skiing with Rado to Kotovo sedlo pass. Kotovo sedlo pass ranges up to around 2300m above sea level, and has great conditions for spring skiing, even in late june.

Despite high temperatures, there is enough snow on road in Tamar valley, so it very difficult to drive in. Before getting to the hut at the end of the valley, you first need around one hour of walking (though my father fortunately shortened us this walk, with driving us quite far in the valley in the morning with his 4×4). Another hour walking from the hut, steep slopes, great for skiing, start showing their teeth (well, at least those slopes tested our stamina). At the entry to the Jalovcev ozebnik couloar we decided not to got to Kotovo sedlo pass, and rather go to “short” but steep couloar, as the conditions for skiing were great! At the top of couloar, the sun was waiting for us. Excellent. And the conditions for the descent were even better, as there was some powder snow and no ice. Still, on parts couloar is quite steep and narrow. But this day, it was in perfect shape.

This descent is marked III-, S3+, 400 m. And the ascent from the starting point took almost five hours (around 1400m height difference… Eh, we need to get fit 🙂 And we could ski almost to our starting point. Unbelievable…

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Dovska baba – winter ascent

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Dovska baba (1890m above sea level) – well, difficult to translate, old ugly lady from Dovje. Anyway, i’m not sure about the name, but its a great hill to ascent, no matter the season. I went up there twice in the past two months. The photos are from the first ascent, in february, when the snow level was really bad – actually, only on the top – i enjoyed snowboarding down to about 1100m above sea level. Its one of those technically not difficult ascents (and almost no danger of avalanches) with nice and long downhill.

A few weeks later and after a hefty to the hill, and the conditions were just perfect – lots of snow, and i was able to snowboard down to the valley, to my house at 700m above sea level. As my start and finish points were at my house, it took me 4 hours 45 minutes to walk up and snowboard down… Oh yes, did i mention that there was fresh snowfall?

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A wedding

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Vlasta and me got invited to a wedding – of Mojca and Bostjan. Well, this was the first wedding that i attended, after… khm… many years. Anyway, it was lovely a wedding in Ljubljana castle. Both bride and groom were shining and we were all having a great time. Oh yes, there was an official photographer, but i still managed to squeeze in some interesting shots.

I’m sorry, but this gallery is in private collection, so here are two of the photos.

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Ice climbing

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Well… what an unfortunate day. There were actually two events where i wanted to be on 8th of February… One is wedding (report will follow) the other is an international ice climbing competition in Mojstrana. I managed to visit guys just for a few minutes, before departing to Ljubljana, but i didn’t manage to take any photos. But still, i have some left from last year.

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Fortunately, Rado was there and he took some great ones…

Who won on the end? Difficulty was won by ukranian Evgeniy Krivošejcev and speed by swiss Simon Wandeler. Oh yes, almost forgot: the venue – Mlacca – Mojstrana – Slovenia … no english version for now…

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Telemark skiing

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I went snowboarding to Italy, to a place called Monte Lusari (Visarje). Excellent skiing resort, close to my home, just over the border. It mainly only one black/red run, with 1000m of height difference. Anyway, thats not where i shot telemark skiing. Actually, on a way back i stopped in Kranjska gora (Men’s Skiing World Cup venue) where the Eurocup in telemark was in full flow. I caught only the last 10 telemarkers… And its very interesting sport, as it combines skiing on steep slopes and cross country running…

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