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Start of a new blog

november 9th, 2004 Comments off

Welcome… to…… So… what’s this blog all about? Well… about photography… But don’t expect any breaking news on equipment or instructions how to take photos… I have a website where i’m publishing photos for my friends and for my pleasure… And this blog will mainly cover stories (if any) behind the photos…

Photo gallery is divided into two parts: majority of photos is public, just a small part is private – thats the photos of my friends, who don’t want to be all over internet and those photos are of no interest of general public. Currently there are almost 1000 photos published, out of those there maybe 150 in the private gallery.

I love travelling, so majority of photos cover my travels – from South America to Africa and Europe. Chapter Slovenia includes some photos from my walks around my country. To find out more about Slovenia just click



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