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The world’s most dangerous tunnel… (and breathtaking road)

april 10th, 2007 Comments off

I received today another “friendly” mail with photos of the most dangerous road on the world (i actually received same “powerpoint” presentation last year) – called Stremnaya, located in Bolivia… There is just one “mistake”… its not located in Bolivia, but in China…

The road really looks stunning… carved into the rock, with plenty of tunnels… and of course, i started to look where actually this road is… and it is located in China in Taihang mountains and it is called Guoliang Tunnel road

Guoliang Village was almost cut off from its surrounding towns and villages before the construction of the tunnel. A ladder on a precipitous cliff, also known as the Heavenly Ladder, was the only route in and out of the village.

History behind the road is incredible, as the villagers cut alone the tunnels… “Before 1972, the path chiseled into the rock used to be the only access linking the village with the outside world. Then the villagers decided to dig a tunnel through the rocky cliff. Led by Shen Mingxin, head of the village, they sold goats and herbs to buy hammers and steel tools. Thirteen strong villagers began the project. It took them five years to finish the 1200-metre-long tunnel which is about 5 meters high and 4 meters wide. Some of the villagers even gave their lives to it. On May 1, 1977, the tunnel was opened to traffic.” source

Guoliang Village was almost cut off from its surrounding towns and villages before the construction of the tunnel. A ladder on a precipitous cliff, also known as the Heavenly Ladder, was the only route in and out of the village.

If you are interested where it is located, just click here.

So, what about the most dangerous road in Bolivia? Is there one? Yes, sure there is… its called “El camino de la muerte” or by more pleasant name “Yungas road”. It runs from La Paz to Coroico to Bolivia. In some 70km it plunges down 3600 meters… Its twisty and dangerous, as there is a cliff on one side, and a huge drop of 800m on the other side… In 1995 the Inter-American Development Bank named the La Paz-to-Coroico route “the world’s most dangerous road.” as there are more than 100 deaths per year… Marko has taken excellent photos on this road…

So, until next time… both roads are high on my itinerary… so, maybe my next trip will be to Bolivia or China…

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90. rojstni dan

januar 6th, 2007 Comments off

Mama, vse najboljše za okroglo obletnico!

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Airline meals

november 14th, 2006 Comments off


… njam… so, all that you ever wanted to know (or don’t know) about food on airplanes…

Preview first-, business- and economy class dining menus and lots of pictures of actual airline meals. More than 300 airlines are represented (including staff meals), including our famous national carrier Adria Airways.

Well… about good and bad… Personally, i liked the food on Air France (on a way to Egypt and back) and Emirates (to Dubai). Varig (at least for short flights) is also among the best. Czech Airline did excel with huge sandwich (and you could get another one if you were hungry – not like Adria Airways, where the small doesn’t deserve the name bread). I have flown the most with Lufthansa… well, it depends what you get. It can be quite tasty, but on the other hand… I remember early morning meal just prior landing to Rio de Janeiro (almost in a half sleep)… My stomach just turned when smelling eggs and bacon… Probably it was not a bad meal, just timing was completely wrong…

But ok… I don’t look for great food on the flight, as “economy class” is my mode of air transport. I just need something eatable, that won’t give me an extended stay on the toilet… And if somebody gives me a discount, i will skip my meals and bring my own pretzels… Just don’t forget to chew them…

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Lost luggage…

november 9th, 2006 Comments off

I survived my first airport “adventure” since the new liquid rules were introduced. And at least on Brussels airport it was soo bad. Ok, I had to check-in my suitcase due to oversized shapoon and shower-gel, but OK…

Do you ever wonder whats going on with your luggage during air travel and airport transfer? Here is the answer…

Well… as far of statistics… Of the two billion bags checked every year, about five of every 1,000 are mishandled, and about .002 percent goes unclaimed. If your luggage gets lost and you don’t claim it, it usually goes to luggage heaven aka “lost luggage capital of the world“. Its interesting what kind of things people leave behind and never claim… From computers to fairy licious costume… Ok, the latter is obvious why… 🙂

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Hand luggage…

november 3rd, 2006 Comments off

Well… apparently there are new rules for hand luggage at all EU airports. New rules on what is permitted in hand luggage will take effect on 6 November 2006.

Here is a short instruction from our national carrier…

Liquids, gels and aerosols are only allowed in hand luggage in small quantities (no more than 100 ml per item) and if correctly packaged. The same rules apply at all airports in all 25 EU countries (departing or changing airplanes). Similar rules for hand luggage apply in the US and Canada.

The new rules cover liquids such as water and other beverages, gels, pastes, lotions and the contents of aerosol cans. Toiletries such as toothpaste, shaving cream, hair gel, lip gloss and creams also fall under the rules. So, no more taking your drinks to the airplane or transfer premises… You will have to buy overpriced drinks there…

These are the rules for liquids in your hand luggage:

1. You can only take liquids and gels in containers of no more than 100 millilitres on board the aircraft.
2. These containers must be carried in transparent plastic bags.
3. There is a limit of one transparent plastic bag per person.
4. The volume of the transparent plastic bag may not be greater than 1 litre.
5. The transparent plastic bag must be re-sealable.

You may bring a suitable plastic bag from home. And apparently most airports will have free plastic bags, at least at the beginning.

There are two exceptions to the above rules:

1. Baby food needed during the flight (hmmm… i guess parents will again need to eat half of the dose, just to check if it is OK);
2. Medicines needed during the flight.

Good thing is… You can still make purchases, including duty-free purchases, after ticket and/or passport control and on board European airline flights. Liquids and gels that you buy after ticket and/or passport control or on board will be packed and sealed for you as necessary by the shop or cabin personnel. The seal is valid for one day. If you must change planes, you may not break the seal until you reach your final destination.

To sum up… do I agree? Not really. It will just make cues much longer (especially on Ljubljana airport) and more hassle. Will I feel safer, knowing there are no “dangerous” liquids on the board? Not really… But i guess others will… Beware when making purchases on non-EU airports or non-EU airlines… If you have after the flight still one connection flight to catch, it is most likely that you will be unable to take home any of the stuff…

But OK, i’m flying this sunday to Brussels, so, i will use the last day of good-old-days… 🙂

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