Gansu – celebrations of the Tibetan new year at Labrang monastery

February is usually full of celebrations of the lunar new year (either Chinese or Tibetan), and Beijing Hikers have organized a trip to see the once-a-year sight of a giant Buddha tapestry being unveiled on the hillside above Labrang Monastery. This is also an opportunity to join the the crowds of pilgrims who come from the Tibetan areas of Gansu’s countryside an enjoy the traditional Tibetan opera. Trip also included some hikes in the grasslands near Xiahe.

Day 1—Fly to Lanzhou, drive to Xiahe, visit Deerlong Temple.
Day 2—See the unveiling of the Buddha in the morning; hike in the Sangke Grasslands in the afternoon.
Day 3—See Tibetan folk opera performances in a monastery in the morning; visit the Ganjia Grasslands and Bajiao City Ruins in the afternoon.
Day 4—Drive back to Lanzhou; two-hour hike in mountains near Lanzhou; fly back to Beijing.