Empty Beijing

The start of the new lunar year is special in China. Spring festival holidays are probably the most important celebrations every year, and for some even the only holidays in a year. Chinese people traditionally depart away from their megacities a few days before the celebrations. Majority of them (at least the ones who can afford) go home, and that causes huge crowds at all transfer hubs – from railway stations to airports and streets… People that do not go home, travel around China or go abroad. What happens the day after? After night full of fireworks (there is no organised firework, everyone has its own) we woke up into a smog filled and gunpowder smelling morning. And this despite the fact, that Beijing officials called for limits in fireworks. Yes, the pollution went to hazardous!!!

And there is something special on the first day. As majority of Chinese people left their megacities and Beijing, she streets are left almost empty. Traffic is very limited, nobody tries to run you over, almost nobody is breaking the rules and nobody honks. Actually… without the pollution, huge crowds and traffic, this would be a really cool city.