21. (Haloween) Ljubljana marathon


Its time for marathon number 12. This year i took off from competitive racing, and this was my first and last marathon of this year. One reason was the fact that i had other things in life to do, other was a slight achilles tendinitis injury. Gladly joined my team and ran in the costume. And it was a proper Halloween costume, as this year marathon coincided with Halloween.

As the rest of team went to run only a half-marathon, i prolonged my run for another 21 km. I ran with them quite slowly first 6-7km and then accelerated a bit. At the end it resulted in my slowest marathon yet (3:40.40), but time was not a priority. I had a blast of a time (and suffered just a bit during the last 5-6 km due to lack of kilometers run in the last months and warm costume). But it was fun nevertheless. Actually, only not fun moment came afterwards when i had to remove all the mask. It just didn’t go off ­čśë


Video… (made by Gregor)