Hotel Leonardo, Berlin

Hotel is located in a Charlottenburg district, with great connections to Tegel airport and directly to other interesting locations in Berlin. Bus from the airport (109) stops nearby, or alternatively you can take 109 or x09 to the first u-bahn station and then use the u-bahn directly to Bismarkstrasse. Nearby there are two lines of u-bahn and thats very handy when going downtown. Zoo station is just a three u-bahn stops away, while line U2 goes to Alexanderplatz and Prenzaluer Berg in the east Berlin.

We stayed in room 650 during the Berlin Marathon. Room was located on the 6th floor and OK sized (just right). Its a non smoking floor, in that case also our room was non-smoking. As it was located on the 6th floor, view was unobstructed to the north. It was also very quiet, i couldn’t hear any noise from the street (also note, that our room was located on a quiet street). Room was cleaned every day, though i didn’t have the best sleep, as the bed was a bit soft to my liking. Bathroom was well-sized, but don’t expect a big bathroom.

Regarding services… staff was helpful (when we spoke german or english), check-in and -out were fast and efficient. Breakfast was good, with great selection. We didn’t have it included in the price, so the price is 10 EUR if you order an evening before, or 15 EUR same day. It is not the cheapest 3-star hotel, we payed quite a lot of money, also due to the fact that we stayed there during the Berlin marathon. Hotel also caters to groups, that usually means that they get hefty discounts. I was also disappointed with the fact that there is no free wifi (even at the lobby) and you have to pay 10+ EUR to have it. However, wired internet (and internet on computers in the lobby, which were constantly full or even out of order) was free.

We enjoyed the stay, i would stay again if i got a good price (during the marathon we really overpayed it). For anything above 100 EUR (without breakfast) i suggest other options in Berlin. This is a reasonable 3-star hotel, “could be a good price deal” hotel, that is efficient, clean, with good location and everything that a traveller needs (except affordable wifi). It also doesn’t pretend to be more than it really is. I would also recommend it to my friends. Unfortunately, with the opening of the new Berlin international airport it will lose a lot of its appeal.