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Airline meals

november 14th, 2006

source: www.airlinemeals.net

… njam… so, all that you ever wanted to know (or don’t know) about food on airplanes…

Preview first-, business- and economy class dining menus and lots of pictures of actual airline meals. More than 300 airlines are represented (including staff meals), including our famous national carrier Adria Airways.


Well… about good and bad… Personally, i liked the food on Air France (on a way to Egypt and back) and Emirates (to Dubai). Varig (at least for short flights) is also among the best. Czech Airline did excel with huge sandwich (and you could get another one if you were hungry – not like Adria Airways, where the small doesn’t deserve the name bread). I have flown the most with Lufthansa… well, it depends what you get. It can be quite tasty, but on the other hand… I remember early morning meal just prior landing to Rio de Janeiro (almost in a half sleep)… My stomach just turned when smelling eggs and bacon… Probably it was not a bad meal, just timing was completely wrong…

But ok… I don’t look for great food on the flight, as “economy class” is my mode of air transport. I just need something eatable, that won’t give me an extended stay on the toilet… And if somebody gives me a discount, i will skip my meals and bring my own pretzels… Just don’t forget to chew them…

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